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Skygate proposals are the result of decades of experience in the airport and railway sector, designed to adapt to the customer’s corporate vocation.

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Skygate has a customer-oriented vocation, both in the provision of its modular services and in total respect for the customer. Our priority is the protection of companies, our ideal interlocutors and, consequently, of the ultimate users of the services they provide. Therefore, to ensure maximum safety, we have adopted H2O2 and dry steam sanitization for the internal deep cleaning of the aircraft (Cockpit – Passenger cabin – Galley – Lavatories – Holds), technical trolley cleaning and disinfection.
Disinfection based on H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide is harmless both for the environments, the materials, the systems and, of course, for the people who occupy the spaces. The chemical compound H2O2, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, is effective in disinfecting surfaces and environments and, to date, is a valid prevention and disinfection agent even in sanitary environments.
The dry steam-based system is particularly suitable for the thorough sanitization of fabrics and upholstery, ensuring a stain-removing and disinfectant action. The fabrics subjected to this sanitizing system, in fact, remain intact, do not burn and do not show traces of humidity, significantly reducing the number of mites.
H2O2 and dry steam are two systems which, in accordance with ministerial circular no. 5443 of February 22, 2020, not only provide for the cleaning and disinfection open-ended, but also allow you to eliminate any residual chemical product. The aforementioned circular, in fact, made explicit the guidelines for the techniques and products to be used “which must be disinfectant, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide”. In full respect of the circular, the methodologies must foresee «rub and not only nebulize, then ventilate and proceed with the correct disposal of gloves, masks and tea towels».
In addition, as studies and official declarations have underlined in the past, such as that of the National Food Safety Committee of 27 October 2010, treatments such as ozone-based ones do not have a real bactericidal load. The action of this natural gas does not destroy viruses, but inactivates them. In fact, the oxidizing action of ozone acts in the first stage of contagion, leading to the inactivation of the viral receptors responsible for the link with the future “host”. In this way, therefore, ozone risks being an incomplete tool for providing thorough sanitation. Therefore, the need to integrate ozone with other disinfectant technologies highlights a major shortage of this system.
Contrary to ozone which, at high concentrations, is aggressive for many materials and machinery, hydrogen peroxide and dry steam allow a thorough sanitization of instruments and surfaces.

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